Escort Service In Kolkata By Jessica Crow



  • Name:
    Jessica Crow
  • Born:
  • Height:
    178 cm
  • C / W / H:
    90 / 60 / 90 cm

  • Biography:

    Jessica is a stunning 26 year old model. She has long black hair and a very fair skin. To her, age is no limitation to attain pleasure. She believes people of all ages should have fun and enjoy her services. There are no age restrictions to her. Her enthusiasm, energy and flexibility are loved by all the clients and are the reason for hiring her again and again. She is someone who loves to follow the instructions given by the clients. If you want she can lead and initiate too. But Jessica is all about making others happy. Therefore, you can come with all your desires and expectations and she will fulfill them for you. She is very confident and goes an extra step to make the clients happy. She doesn't give up until her clients are fully satisfied. If you make an appointment with her, you will be signing up for a fun ride. Contact us now and we will hook you up with this marvelous escort lady.